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NTSB REPORTER is the monthly report that helps keep you safe, whether you're a crewmember or passenger.


WHY did the other pilot crash? And, HOW can that accident make your flying safer? (You won't take the same risks,

once you know what they are!)


WHICH regulations can "bite" if you're not careful, and what surprises is the FAA working on which just might snag you?


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Let's face it: just because you're careful doesn't automatically protect you from risks -- that the mechanics

have done everything right; that controllers will do everything right;  that pilots sharing the skies with you

will do everything right.


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By O.W.

"Every communication, radar fix, and instrument and control recording is detailed, including cockpit conversations. The language

is spare and technical but many of the acronyms are spelled out and I find their use refreshing compared to the baby talk used so

often to dumb down the news."


"I have been receiving "NTSB Reporter" for many years. I find it is very informative, and a way to possibly avoid the same mistakes

that may lead to myself getting into the same situation and accident. When reading the chain of events that eventually lead to the

accident, one can imagine what decisions they would make in the same situation, hopefully avoiding the same fate. I highly recommend it to all pilots and even some nonpilots."


"I've been a subscriber for years. For pilots, the lessons learned in the case write-ups are invaluable. In addition to the NTSB findings, the preliminary reports are helpful in sorting through the sensationalist general news one hears from other sources."


"I got my husband a subscription to this magazine and he loves it. He is a private pilot."


"NTSB Reporter's trademark is a *much* more thorough analysis of a specific accident. It's immensely thoughtful..."











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